Our journey started with a dream for the sake of better usage and expansion to nowadays technology of communication. We tried to search the market to value how important are technology of communication and information technology solutions in many industries.

We went further to figure out what the market needs and demands. Our first venture was in the education field. There, we came face to face with the hectic structure of common ways of regular communication among all-year-busy school staff, overwhelmed educators, occupied parents and student with smart use of technology.


Our very special team gathered many surveys from actual people who –in a way- suffered from this undisciplined, confusing and inconvenient act of communication.

This led Innoventures to create very simple, yet creative SmartEdu App to appreciate the real value of time for the entire educational cornerstones that involved in the education process.

The team of Innoventures felt the urge to proceed with building SmartEdu App, but as it happens in many startups, the team needed the important financial fund. With the passion and persistence the Innoventures have, in one year, the team accomplished three serious partnerships and we reached the amount of investments Innoventures Software acquired to launch.

And we're still ambitious for many true ventures yet to come.