Educational Cornerstones Connected in One Place

SmartEdu is a mobile app that acts as a focal communication point between parents and their children to report their attendance status, class grades, and regular evaluation from educators throughout the academic year.

Featuring an interactive educational communication app.

Educators, students and parents will enjoy the interactive experience to be always in touch...On-the-go


Monitor students’ performance throughout the academic year with regular updates from their teachers.


Help students to reach course materials and upload assignments on time.


Join live discussion forum between students and teachers to maximize the understanding benefit of the lessons.


Get latest school updates, news, registration dates and important announcements.

SmartEdu in-app features for Schools

SmartEdu goes hand in hand with the initiative smart movement for every school to use the best of technology in their educational communication process. SmartEdu enables every school to:

  • Market school identity and benefits.
  • Have school logo and name on the app version.
  • Save cost and effort for powerful communication with parents.
  • Gain reassured parents with building trust and achieve satisfaction.

SmartEdu for a better teaching experience

SmartEdu understands how teachers are overwhelmed with heavy tasks in their hand. That's why SmartEdu is developed in our belief that all teachers need to:

  • Organize their coursework. (Absence, Grades, Assignments).
  • Send updates and announcements.
  • Communicate with each parent parent individually.
  • Deliver all info and materials to school students in much easier and reliable way.

With SmartEdu, parents can also stay connected any where...any time.

SmartEdu allows parents to keep track of their children’s:

  • Attendance.
  • School Grades.
  • Regular feedback from Educators.
  • Important School Updates.

How SmartEdu can help students?

As a student you will find that smartEdu is very helpful to:

  • View your grades once updated.
  • Join live discussion forum and ask your questions.
  • Get reminders of your due assignments.
  • Receive real-time answers from your teachers.
  • Know your school’s important updates and announcements.

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SmartEdu can be customized for every school needs and tutoring services.

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